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Look what I found!

PostPosted: Thu Mar 25, 2010 3:46 pm
by shredaholic
Well not me but someone clearing out a room in my house. This has been missing for about 2 years, I knew it was somewhere in the room but couldn't find it myself. You really had to see the room to appreciate how even a doubleneck Strat body could get lost in such a mess... :lol:

Anyway! This is the first Strat body I built. I never got round to taking pictures of it completed, only the in-progress shots of me building it. So here are some phone photos. I'm really proud of this one, apart from a couple of dents that had to be filled from bad storage just after I built it (lessons learnt), its perfect, unique, and you really would have to look hard even in person to tell that it's 3 pieces of Korina, because of the quality of the hide glue joints I made with a hand plane. ... G_0186.jpg ... G_0188.jpg

The cr@ppy phone photos don't do this justice, it looks beautiful in person. It's frustrating that I've temporarily run out of funds (and workshop space), as the 6 and 12 string Sapele Mahogany necks are only half-finished... :(