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Gary Moore's New Celtic Rock Band and Tour

PostPosted: Sat Jun 05, 2010 7:29 pm
by Emerald
Re: Gary Moore's Great New Tour

Great news the whole concert is available on Rapid Share for free uploading with cover art:
Remember this is the very first show ever for this lineup after a very, very short rehearsal time.
After my interview with Neil Carter, whom I have been in communication with since 2007, he mentioned he was going in tentatively to try out things with Gary again.
Plus I sent him the official Wild Frontier VHS tape on DVD, which he watched with Gary and many bootleg CD's and DVD's form that era, so I hope I had some part in re inspiring the both of them!
I had originally contacted him telling him how awesome those days 20 years ago were and what an integral part he was in Gary's best era arguably,well no argument in my case :lol
I am really digging the pared down from the stadium rock approach, with Gary's use of the Marshall Handwired 1959HW reissues, my HW has parts substitution by George Metropoulos and I couldn't stand the HW cabs, mostly because of the cheap, not authentic construction.
At the time I blamed the Celestion Heritage 30H speakers, ect, but in retrospect, it was moore the cabs themselves that I hated and with an authentically reconstructed cabinet, once broken in, they would be great!
Gary is still using the JCM style 4X12"'s that he has been using in his blues phase, but praise God and my prayers were answered as he dropped the abysmal DSL2000 amps, don't get me started on them, look on the old Gary Moore forum or Metro forum for my take on that!
With Gary he may well be using EV's, who knows, I have my spies and they will report all soon. Or hopefully a technical interview will reveal this. Interested in his pedal board as well, but the reverb works quite well, without him using a Roland Dimension D, or any digital delay at all.
The articulation of the notes is just incredible and the three new tunes, which hopefully will become an album once the tour is over, is mind blowing.
I would say his fast playing has slowed down and he really puts so much moore feel in his bends and runs than I have heard in many, many years...
That he did not just copy his eighties rig, I admire him for and sticking with his main love the Les Paul, his vibrato is so incredible that the tremolo guitar laden material from Wild Frontier, you would never really notice the difference.
Gary has approached all of this in an adult fashion and his song in remembrance of his much missed musical companion and friend, Phil Lynott "Where Are You Now", with it's into similar to Lizzy's Emerald, is just so moving.
The intricacy of the playing in the Celtic fashion, takes what he did with Black Rose, Blood of Emeralds, to even greater heights.
Neil Carter is superb on guitar as always and keys.
Remember his main instrument was the guitar in his pre-GM bands and he has been instructing woodwinds at Brighton College of Music, where he is a professor for many years.
Neil told me and it was my feeling too, that that Celtic rock period was too brief and one of Gary's most beloved periods.
I enjoy all phases of Gary's career, but I feel he isn't given credit as much as say Jeff Beck, who frankly has superb management compared to Gary, and is playing the best of his career no doubt. But Gary seems to be left out, if anyone should have played at Clapton's blues fests, it was Gary, but there are so many issues, for ridiculous reasons, why he won't tour the States any moore, which would need another whole thread and it isn't fear of flying I can tell you!
Well here are the links, in the mp3 format, thank God, those flac files are a pain in the ass/bit torrents, ect.
Gary has deliberately gone back to using classic plexi Marshall's with pedals, his best sound and slowed down the whole proceedings, with what I consider his best playing in a long. long time.
True he appears somewhat uncomfortable in this first show, but he played the Blues For Greeny show, live with Peter Green watching in the wings, as his one off, virtually no rehearsal gig, and that was
This is another kind of pressure for him, but he is moving forward with it and can still rock with the best.
The new Thin Lizzy lineup, even with Viv Campbell would be hard matched to compare to Gary's new stuff, Brian Robertson and Brian Downey, included!
Blood of Emeralds has been my favorite Gary Moore song since it came out, as it tells the tale of his and Phil Lynott's voyage from Ireland to England and the sad outcome, with Gary watching helplessly, unable to help his real friend, who was too far gone.
People either seem to love or hate Gary Moore, or only like selective phases of his career, but as a lifetime fan, I can only say I hope they film a DVD of this great lineup, to capture in great recording quality, this amazing playing and singing from Gary. ... 1.rar.html ... 2.rar.html ... 3.rar.html



I am greatly excited by this tour and am pissed we will never see it in the States!!