Chris Impellitteri

This guys shred technique has always impressed me, especially his speed picking, check out this cool vid:

Showdown In Little Tokyo

Just got done watching this really cool movie, I noticed it had some awesome music in it as well, some great guitar playing here:

Jason Becker

This video is a classic, Jason Becker ripping up on the guitar, this video has been one of my favourite shred videos for quite some time now

Terminator Theme Metal Version

Just pure awesomeness

Most hilarious use of a guitar hammer-on in 2010?

Absolutely brilliant, words can’t describe the amazing-ness of this song:

Rydeen – one of the greatest melodies ever

I love this song, originally by the amazing Japanese Techno Pop group ”Yellow Magic Orchestra”, I saw this cover someone did on electric guitar and thought it was a fantastic rendition!

David Shankle

Here is a video of a great shred guitarist called David Shankle, in this vid he’s live on stage playing with Manowar! Check out this cool vid:

Mercyful Fate

The first 2 albums by this band are heavy metal classics in my opinion, guitarists Hank Shermann and Michael Denner are awesome, some great harmonies in this short track:

Great unique solos

An awesome compilation of guitar solos from the album ”Individual Thought Patterns” by Death, one of my favourite albums by them.

George Lynch and Dave Navarro jamming

This was a cool find, some awesome playing here: