Floyd Big block "upgrades"

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Floyd Big block "upgrades"

Postby ozzuk616 » Thu Jul 07, 2011 12:14 am

Having changed a few of my guitars over to the bigger brass blocks reaadily available either through Floyd Upgrades KGC or guitar upgrades I purchesed 3 from the latter I thought I'd mkae apost about them..

The stock german made OFR blocks are brass but coated or finsihed in nickel or some sort of shiny silvery coloured metal... however the big blocks are twice the thickness of solid brass and did make some major improvements in my guitars tone and sustain a little warmer sounding and the ntoes are a just a bit cleaner sounding...

They also ring out louder acoustically.

You can also buy blocks for the Gotoh bridges, the Ibanez Edge/lo pro Edge and Edge pro trems...

However one downside to adding these bridges is on some guitars you may loose a lot of the pullup range I recently ntoiced on my main guitar with a schaller FR that I could barely pull up before the block hit the cavity Wall, long before the strings would choke out...

However on my jackson soloist I think think this problem happened could be the difference in shape/location of block on the Schaller compared to the original floyd...

So far the benifits for me have outweighed the cons, which so far has been one...

Note the KGC blocks are so big they will automatically block you from pulling up at all as the bridge will be permanently touching the body great for sustain but you wont be able to flutter or do any high pitched pullups....

The gutiar upgrade blcoks may not be as highly polsihed as the kGC or Floyd Upgrade options but they still sound great and also include a nice velvet bag, and three stainless steel mounting screws.

I have yet to try out the Ibanez EDGE blocks so dont know how they affect the range of the bridge one those, my stock EDGE can pullup to a rediculous pitch.
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