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Jackson Guitars and Jenna Jameson: was it a success?

It’s been around 6 years now since Jackson decided to use adult film star Jenna Jameson to promote their axes. Clearly using one of the most famous porn stars in their marketing was intended to ‘sex up’ the image of Jacksons, but has it worked?

Jenna Jameson with Jackson Guitar Jenna Jameson with Jackson Guitar 2

It’s interesting to note that Jackson also released guitars with Jenna’s image on them, knowing how high quality Jackson artwork is in person, I’m sure these guitars certainly look impressive in the flesh (no pun intended).

Jenna Signature Jackson

I personally think it was a smart move, but without sales figures its hard to say for sure. In terms of how its affected the Jackson brand, I think the value of sexing it up outweighs the potential risk of lost sales from people who might be turned off by such an association, but I’d be interested to hear what you guys think.

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  1. I have quite a few of the Jacko catalogue from that year (with the Jenna poster) in my possession if anyone wants to buy a copy…….

  2. It would be better if Jackson grew up as far as that goes.

  3. Personally, I don’t think it was a good idea. I like Jackson because of their devotion to custom guitars, not to mention I think Jenna is ugly lol..

  4. I personally say, this guitar had strong reputation in the past and had a special community that should be maintained. Therefore Jackson Customer Care should had a hearing/ discussion with those communities which can be catch through Guitar Forum around the web, and knowing what really potential customer want.
    I like Jenna’s profile design. But is the market really want this ? (Well…I dunno)

    It’s pretty sad that many endorsed premium artist moving to other company such as Dean Guitars or ESP after Fender’s acquisiton. That is another story, but…it can be related-cause since nobody showing Jenna’s design graphic on TV (MTV, V-Channel)…and worst, nobody showing Jackson to the market nowadays.

  5. I sell Jackson guitars in Indianapolis, IN. We ordered a Jenna Rhodes V with the white and black tribal designs. Her image on this particular guitar is rather demure compared to the King V.

    I’ve found it difficult, in the Midwest/”Bible Belt”, to sell a guitar with a porn star’s picture. I have I lived here all my life and am of course female (and heterosexual), and I love the guitar. I think it’s beautiful. But 90% of my customers think it’s too much. I kept waiting for a sleazy Metalhead to walk in and buy it, but even they are married and not allowed.

    After 2 years, I still have it in stock and am preparing to sell it on Ebay for cost.

  6. Rhoads…pardon me, Randy. Got Fender organs on the brain today…

  7. Hey Amy

    Please flip me an email with a pic and price on that Jenna Jckson – perhaps we can do a deal



  8. nigel.lall at

  9. I would like a copy of that catalogue Jonathan.

  10. I have always thought of porn stars as ripoff artists – not sexy just because they push it on you – who wants to think thier guitar is a ripoff?


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