New Marshall Malmsteen Signature Amp 100watt

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New Marshall Malmsteen Signature Amp 100watt

Postby Emerald » Sat Jan 08, 2011 5:23 pm

Marshall recently released a press statement regarding the long rumoured Yngwie J. Malmsteen Marshall signature amplifier.
This is suprisingly based on the 1959 100 watt circuit and the amp will be introduced at the NAMM show in Los Angeles next weekend.
Sharing some circuitry features with the new Slash AFD amplifier, the YJM 100 as it is designated, features a modified version of the London Power Scaling circuit and footswitchable digital reverb, FX loop, a built in boost circuit and a 50 watt half power setting. Also the led power tube failure indicators and the auto biasing.
One was suprised that Marshall did not just use the larger 100 watt head cabinet with the 1987 Mk II metal panel circuit from the years Yngwie favours, the 1971-3 era. ... MM2011.pdf
Here is the announcement details.
Yngwie has even been using the JVM amps at recent appearences, ect., so it really comes as no suprise that Marshall has gone this route, to me.
Yngwie's overall tone has degraded in my opinion for the last 15 years at least and the present overly compressed, gainy, muddy sound we have now is a mere shadow of the glorious Alcatrazz and Live in '85 Japanese tones, so this amp will be a continuation of that no doubt.
I wish I was more optimistic about any new from Marshall, but methinks the Metro 1987 '71 spec chassis, with FX loop in a big box, would be the ultimate Yngwie 'Marshall', but I have always maintained this.
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Re: New Marshall Malmsteen Signature Amp 100watt

Postby ozzuk616 » Tue Mar 01, 2011 7:23 pm

After seeing a few demo vids on youtube I think this thing sounds badassed, it's a bit one trick in that it does yngwie tone but thats the point..

I think it's a shame its only a limited run of 1500 or so amps...
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