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Too old!

Postby licksnkicks » Mon Feb 07, 2011 2:52 pm

Hi I'm new here! I just started playing 2 years ago at the ripe old age of 41. Is this a serious detriment to being able to play fast. I don't necessarily want to shred but I would love to be able to a lot faster than I do now. Where should I start out? I do know some music theory. The minor pentatonic, the minor scale and am just learning the major scales. Although I'm quite proficient with nice clean bends it's the vibrato that is dogging me. It's really difficult for me to incorporate this in my playing.
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Re: Too old!

Postby ozzuk616 » Thu Jul 07, 2011 12:17 am

Time and practise try running through more scales adn chromatic scales these really helped improve my speed..

Also check out youtube as there are hundreds of brilliant videos available to help people starting out or even those more experienced players...

As for your vibrato thats soemthing that I dont think is easy for beginners i'd also reccomend finding things to help improve your ear as that will be very hadny for bending and vibrato...

Start at slower speeds and then build up to a quicker pace, dont try to run before you can walk as too many players try to play something at full speed when they should slow it down to get it 100%
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Re: Too old!

Postby blank » Mon Sep 19, 2011 5:52 am

I agree with Ozzuk,

but I will say, take your time when learning new techniques and how to apply them. To me, that's the fun part about learning to play guitar. Also, don't take one persons advice on technique and think it's going to work. If it doesn't feel right play around with it and make it work around you, instead of forcing yourself to take extra time in order to apply them.

And about the vibrato thing, it's not always the best technique to long for. I have this nasty habit where I use it all the time, and sometimes I don't even realise it until my guitarist tells me aha.
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