Thomas BRESSEL "Virtual Tragedies" - Metal prog instru

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Thomas BRESSEL "Virtual Tragedies" - Metal prog instru

Postby thomasbressel » Sun Mar 13, 2011 9:19 pm


Hi ! my name is Thomas Bressel, i'm a french guitarist and author of two auto-produced projects, two instrumental heavy metal albums, and now, it's time to release the next one (excuse me for my bad english ...)

The album was written in 2009 august, in 15 days ... and this sudden inspiration was partly due to the acquisition of a new guitar : a Vigier excalibur supra .... 7 strings !!
It could be released early 2010 .... but ... this time i would like to offer to people who support me since all this years, a production that goes beyond my skills, i'm not a sound engineer, this work will be more effective by professionals.

So the first financial effort I did, is at Studio de la Souleuvre (Guillaume Doussaud), after have listen to a great mix of one of my song, a clean sound, dynamic and energic !

The second important step is drums, played by a real flesh and bones drummer : Charly Ledoyen, drums have been recorded at Studio de la Souleuvre in the best conditions ! 6 titres, 45mn.

The third investment is the mastering, it will be done in studio, i'm not sure exactly where, but i've got several options.

The last point is about an official DVD called "Visual Tragedies", wich include 1h of video, filmed by TV production team in HD with 4 cameras, video in wich the Thomas Bressel's Xperience play several songs from different albums. Nicolas Debeaupte on guitars, Simon Danjou on bass, and Charly Ledoyen on drums.

The release of "Virtual Tragedies", with all these expensive investments, is impossible at this day ...

... but .... a solution exist and only depend of you !!

The release will be done through pre-orders systems, a 20€ pack (shipping and packaging includ) and limited to 100 copies !
It's the number of pre-order I need to release the CD.

This "Virtual Pack" is :
1- "Virtual Tragedies" album
2- "Visual Tragedies" DVD
3- a signed pick "Pick Of Chaos"

How to reserve it ?
Very easy, from 2011, march, 1st, in merchandise section on, a page will be dedicated to pre-orders, only by paypal.

When will I receive the "virtual pack" ?
The ideal release date will be late june / early juilly, but it depends of the number of pre-orders.
For the occasion a weekly mailing list will be set up to keep you informed of the progress of its release.

Now this album is in your hands !!! Thank you for all who participate to this operation !

Here is a short teaser with samples :
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