Mr. Scary

A classic instrumental from star guitarist George Lynch, check it out:

Jazz Trio

Here is a brilliant video of Paco De Lucia, John McLaughlin and Al Di Meola performing Di Meola’s fantastic song ”Mediterranean Sundance” live, really is a fantastic performance…

How Eddie Van Halen got it ”Tone Perfect”

Here is a very interesting video I thought I should share with you all, a more modern video focusing on how Eddie got his fantastic sound and how important tone is to his music…

Paul Gilbert Guitar Clinic

This is a fantastic video of Paul Gilbert demonstrating some of his technical prowess on the guitar, its from a guitar clinic he did in 1987, awesome playing.

Something a little heavier…

Necrophagist, these guys are awesome, managing to write great songs with crazy technical parts, some great technical death metal. Here is a live vid of them performing their song ”Only Ash Remains”…

Zack Kim

Wow, this guys technique is mind blowing, check out the vid to see for yourself, this is his version of ”The Simpsons” theme:

A personal favourite

This has got to be one of my personal favourite guitar solos of all time, this is a live version of Marty Friedman playing the solo to the Megadeth song ”Tornado of Souls”, gotta love Marty’s unique style…

Final Fantasy VI and VII Guitar

Well needless to say I’m a big fan of the Final Fantasy games(In particular VII) I came across this video on YouTube of a guy playing random battle tunes from both FF VI and VII, very impressive playing, even has the game playing whilst you watch him play at the same time! Great stuff, its [...]

Hey all

Hey everyone, welcome to this exciting new section of the website, I’ll be posting random shred/metal videos here that hopefully you’ll enjoy too! I’ll start this off with a great old live performance by Van Halen with their song ”Hot For Teacher”, enjoy!