This guy is awesome, he has a great unique style and amazing technical ability. Check this video out:

Frantic Disembowelment

Check this out, really awesome video from Cannibal Corpse:

Deep Purple Cover

Check out this video of Michael Angelo Batio doing his own shred version of the Deep Purple song ”Burn”, this is really a fantastic rendition:

Some Blues

Here is a really cool video of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble performing the awesome tune ”Scuttle Buttin”. Some really awesome blues playing here…

Riffs Of Doom

Slayer guitarist Kerry King plays some amazing riffs and licks from various Slayer songs in this video, nice and heavy.

Shred Fusion Lesson

Amazing guitarist Guthrie Govan shows some great licks in this video, check out his awesome technique:

Venom – Bloodlust

Venom, a great metal band, a live performance of the song ”Bloodlust” here, great energy and check out the insane ending!

Jake E. Lee

This guy totally rips on guitar, a lot of Ozzy fans will know he used to play guitar for him, here is a ripping video of him doing a guitar solo on the 1984 ”Bark at the Moon” tour: