Yngwie in his prime doing what he does best:

Can you feel the summer heat?

Vinnie Moore

This guy has awesome technique and has some great tunes, check this one out:

Assume the shred position!

Yep, its the shred legend himself, Michael Angelo Batio

Shawn Lane – “How to Develop an Outside Sound”

This is a video featuring the late, great guitarist Shawn Lane. This guy had amazing speed and technique.

This guy

You may of heard of this guy, Rusty Cooley – I couldn’t leave this guy out of my speed special week, check out this clip of him performing live:

Tiago Della Vega – The worlds fastest guitarist

Here is a fantastic video showing the speed skills of the world fastest guitarist – Tiago Della Vega. This week ill be doing a special showing shred guitarists who stand out from the norm and take their speed technique that one level higher, this is to tie in with the new Tiago interview on the [...]

Racer X – Scarified

A shred guitar classic:


Here’s a cool Jazz fusion band called Casiopea, really good musicianship, I thought I would include 2 video clips this time

Michael Romeo

Here’s a video of the awesome guitarist Michael Romeo from the Progressive Metal band Symphony X, you can really hear the Neo-Classical Yngwie Malmsteen Influence in his playing. The track is ”Sea Of Lies”.