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Hand Built MXR Phase 90
December 22, 2004 Tech


This is the phaser pedal I wired, painted and constructed myself, it’s a replica of a vintage script logo MXR phase 90 but a bit different. It incorporates modern features, such as the LED, external power socket, and a true bypass switching system.

MXR Phase 90

This photo shows the front of the phaser. The paint scheme is a black and yellow construction site / hazard markings stripe motif, with the words phaser hand painted with enamels in blue with a white outline. This was the first use of this particular style of writing in my equipment, and enamel paint was used because of the way it would react with the acrylic lacquer to form a neat cracked paint effect.

Phase 90 Clone
This photo shows the back of the phaser, with the ‘Bainzy’ writing on it. Not only does this prove that the pedal is mine in the event of theft (hope not!!), it adds my own personal touch of style to the pedal, making the back of the pedal more interesting as opposed to a plain black cover. The same painting techniques were used here as they were on the front of the pedal to hand paint the writing onto the effects pedal.

the rest of this guide is coming soon…

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