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Here’s the main index for all our rhythm guitar related lessons. They can tend to get lost when lumped into the lessons feed, and sometimes you might want to take a break out from learning lead guitar work and focus on the other side of guitar playing.

Pro/Shredaholic Submitted Lessons

The Key Guide To Basic Metal Rhythm Guitar Techniques Lee Morris-Tiley
Achieving a style Installment 1
Basic picking techniques Installment 2
Other vital techniques Installment 3
Melodic Devices Richard Baines
String Skipping Rhythm Riffs Richard Niczyperowicz
Claus Kiss – Chord Finder
Major Scales – Get Every Chord Instantly Adam Gurbis
Neo Classical Rhythm Cyril Lepizzera
Your Growth as a Guitarist Jamie Andreas
How To Practice Guitar Chord Changes Jamie Andreas
Easy Bar Chords Jamie Andreas
Melodic Minor Rhythm Mikhal Caldwell
Dropped-D Rhythm Guitar Patterns Paul Tauterouff
Getting Started With Guitar Jamorama

User Submitted Lessons

Palm Muting Riffs Ben Collins
Introductions and Fills Ben Collins
Blues Rhythm Ben Collins
Writing Ballads Ben Collins
Diads Ben Collins
Alternate Picking and Palm Muting Practice Nelson Martin
The Power of The 5 Chord Brad Corpus

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