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We had so many banners it would have been a nightmare transferring them all across, so with the new wordpress site they’ve had to go. If you’d like to get your website listed in our new links section, please use the contact form – but make sure its relevant to our visitors before you ask us! Nothing more annoying than a totally irrelevant site asking for a link exchange. Okay, it might help us both out in search engines, but its not fair on our visitors looking for shred and other guitar related websites to have to trawl through them.

Descriptions to be added soon too, once we get time.

Top Site Rankings

Top 100 Guitar Sites!

Specialist Shred Sites

Wayde Cooper Lelio Padovani Fabrizio Chiruzzi Atanas Shishkov Dan Kokol Taylor Snyder Ricky Graham Katrina Johansson Francesco Fareri The Halo Storm Project The Fretboard Mick Neil Official Site Yann Armellino Rusty Cooley Allen ROBOT Van Wert Mario Parga Tom Hess Yasu Matsushita Guitar9 Records Vengeance Guitars Shred Academy Heavy Metal Pages Shred Guitars Tom Kopyto Official Website Total Guitar Truth In Shredding Nick Layton Lou Dibello Jonas Hornqvist Joe Stump Randy Ciak Shred-Reviews Sultan of String Yngwie Malmsteen Fan Club The Shred Zone Lori Linstruth Vurtuosity One Hardrock Haven Vintage Washburn

General Guitar Sites

Metro Amp Plexi Mods Build Your Own Guitar! info on Gibson PAF pickups Build Your Dream Guitar All Guitar Chords Learn to play the Guitar on the PC Kim_no1’s “Learn To Play Guitar” Mescalero IGDB Jonny’s Custom Guitars StoneAge Custom Cabinets Best Guitar Parts Manchester Guitar Tech Turbo-Trem ABC Learn Guitar Online Guitar Lessons HAS Sound Martin Six-String Customs Celtic Amplifiers Learn How To Play Guitar Online Metal Guitar indie music network Mastering Guitar Rock guitar lessons at Spilwerk Guitar Websites Free Guitar Lessons Metal Guitar Tab Mike’s Guitar Site Vintage Kramer Gear Geek KVGL Burning Metal Guitar Guitar Emergency Guitar Electronics Paint Your Own Guitar Screaming Fingers GuitarPrinciples Guitars Canada CleanUpYourAxe Gitarrero Beginner Sharp Concepts Surreal Amplification Free online guitar

Guitar Tab Sites

Guitar Tabs Guitar Board Van Halen 101 Tab World Online

Artist Links

Mike Philippov Kole Official Website E.S.P. Eric Mantel Andrew Mah

Other Links

Normanton Street Kodachrome Photography Life In 35mm Metal Realm 80s Fan Clodhoppers Music Deryn’s Online Gaff UK Information Andrew Denning’s Website The DCF News The Kodachrome Project Pacalis Associates Simone Konu Styling Internet Heaven Websites Bradford Odeon Midwest Entertainers

By the way, if you find any broken links on this page, let me know via the contact form and I’ll take them off. There’s so many now that it can get hard to keep track of which sites are active!

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