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How To Play Faster – Without Having To Practice!
December 31, 2004 Lessons

shred guitar(we just read this in issue #120 of Total Guitar, thought it was worth showing fellow shredaholics…)

Use The Lightest Strings You Can Find

Many shredders use .08 gauge string sets. So light you’ll hardly know they’re there.

Lower Your Action

The lower your guitar’s action, the easier it is to fret the notes. Just make sure your guitar is set up properly first to avoid buzzing.

Tune Your Guitar Down 1/2 Step

This will lower the tension of your strings, making them easier to fret.

Use A Lubricant

A product such as Fast Fret will keep your strings slick and clean. You’ll find your digits will glide over them with ease.

Get Your Neck Scalloped

A scalloped fingerboard has the wood scooped out between the frets. All you have to do is lightly tough the string to fret the note, making it very fast – just ask Yngwie Malmsteen!

Keep It Clean

If the back of your guitar neck is covered in sweat and filth, it will slow you down. Give it a good wipe before you play.

Get Your Frets Dressed

This process grinds down your frets until the guitar feels almost fretless. It’s not great for strings bending, but it will make the neck feel much faster.

Avoid Gloss Finishes

Glossy guitar necks may look lovely, but after a while they get very sticky and that will seriously slow you down. Instead, take a leaf out of Zakk Wylde’s book and grab some naked wood.

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  1. Bunch of bullshit advices, only malmsteen uses 0.8 strings in known shredders and his action very high!! Can I also use my durex lubricant and iet faster?? Geez

  2. Scalloped does not makes u faster either…my god

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