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How To Care For Guitar Leads / Cables

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* Always make sure that you’ve got at least 1 working cable spare, as you never
know when your cable is going to stop working or start sounding strange.

* Although buying a new cable may not be as exciting as buying a new amp or effects pedal because it doesn’t alter the tone as much, but cables are still important and should not be overlooked.

* Seriously, do not stand on cables as it causes internal breakage which makes it a very hard task trying to find the dead spot when it finally cuts out on you.

* If your cable breaks, unscrew the jacks and look for broken joints – this is usually the problem. Excess tension on the ends causes joints or wires to break, killing the circuit. These can usually be fixed with a soldering iron (wire is also sometimes necessary).

* If you end up having to continually cut up the cable to fix it, don’t worry because eventually it will become so short, you can use it as a patch cable for effects pedals or mixing positions on an old Marshall 4 input amp

* Use quality cables, strings and tubes. They are definitely worth the money

* NEVER use a speaker cable as a guitar cable or use a guitar cable as a speaker cable. There are cables for each for a specific reason!

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