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The Harmonic Minor Scale

Alex OlivaThe harmonic minor scale is nothing else than a scale eolic with to 7th Major, in other words, harmonic minor in an effective way is a secondary minor scale.

It’s spelled in numeric form – relative the standard larger scale than it’s also a scale jonic or diatonic.

It’s written in the following way:

1 2 b3 4 5 b6 7 notes

I IIº bIII+ IV bVI VIIº in agreement

If the tonic is C, the notes and strings are:

C Dº Eb+ F G Ab Bº

The harmonic minor scale is used in the classical music because in your majority it’s in minor shade. However the use of the melodic minor scale is avoided, because your 6th and 7th degrees are increased. Being like this, device transforms in a chromatic way the second increase in a main second.

The careful should be been to maintain your tonal function, because the way eolic is weak compared with to harmonic minor, care should be had in using the melodic lines always elevating or half lowering tone, and only the secondary harmonic that it’s the effective scale among of this situation.


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