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The Only Proven Way To Become A Highly Successful Guitar Teacher

How To Increase Your Maximum Guitar Speed – Part 5: Why Common Speed Building Advice FailsHow are climbing to the top of the highest mountain in the world and becoming an incredibly successful guitar teacher alike?

Here are 3 critical similarities:

1. Only a very small group of people have achieved either one of these goals

2. The ONLY people who ever successfully made it to the summit of Mt. Everest (the highest mountain in the world) were trained by experts who had also climbed to the top of the mountain themselves. Additionally, guitar teachers who worked with great trainers were able to become highly successful. On the other hand, climbers who attempted to reach the peak of Everest without training either failed or died… and guitar teachers who have tried to build a teaching business on their own never achieved significant success.

3. When you sit on top of Mt. Everest to look out at the world, it is truly a moment of incredible satisfaction and achievement that very few people can relate to. Similarly, when you have built a massively successful guitar teaching business, you experience a similar feeling of satisfaction by knowing that you are creating the life you want for yourself while helping 100’s of guitarists become awesome players. Most people will never experience this level of satisfaction.

How Does This Relate To You As A Guitar Teacher?

From this day forward, think of achieving your guitar teaching goals like climbing to the peak of Mt. Everest. At the summit, there is a shining chest. After this chest is opened, the person who opens it is granted the power to achieve his highest guitar teaching goals. For example, he would make over a hundred thousand dollars annually through teaching alone, transform all of his guitar students from average players into awesome players or gain the type of freedom that only comes from running a successful business.

Now, think of this: If all you had to do to get these things was simply get to the peak of the mountain and open the chest… would you climb the mountain? If you would, then you have to do anything you can to assure that you reach the top of the mountain as quickly as possible.

With this in mind, no person in their right mind would try to climb Everest without the training of an expert and have expectations of reaching the summit. Likewise, trying to develop a successful guitar teaching business on your own (without a trainer) will lead you to failure in the same manner.

Why Do Guitar Teachers Fail When They Don’t Work With A Trainer?

Creating your own successful guitar teaching business requires a lot more than just knowing how to ‘teach music’. Fact is, the most successful guitar teachers focus intensely on consistent improvement in the following seven areas of their business:

  • Getting contacted by countless people every month of the year who are looking for guitar lessons
  • Helping potential students understand why they MUST take lessons with you (and only you) if they want to become great players
  • Keeping students for many years because they are addicted to the incredible results they are getting from you
  • Using word of mouth and student referrals to develop and expand your business
  • Getting ‘former’ students to start taking lessons again
  • Gaining time for yourself and your students through effective execution of day to day guitar teaching tasks
  • Increasing your guitar teaching effectiveness to the highest possible level, so that your students get better results than what any local competitors can possibly offer

All of these aspects of your guitar teaching business require acquiring a unique set of skills in order to become successful, much like climbing Everest requires many new skills to be developed before one can make it to the summit. That said, most guitar teachers try to build their businesses on their own and set themselves up to fail for these reasons:

1. They were never even aware of the 7 categories of business growth listed above.

2. If they are aware of these areas, they don’t know what to do to improve in them or how to do it.

I’m not trying to discourage you, I’m merely letting you know ‘how it really is’. As someone who trains guitar teachers to become successful, I know all of the challenges that any guitar teacher could face.

Fortunately, the steps that must be taken to succeed in all the areas of guitar teaching mentioned above are simple and easy to follow. Additionally, with the right training from an experienced trainer, any guitar teaching challenge can quickly be overcome.

If you are unhappy with where you are at in your guitar teaching business, understand that it’s not because you lack the potential to succeed or have fallen victim to outside circumstances. You’re just at the bottom of Mt. Everest, looking for ways to climb to the top with no knowledge of what steps to take to get there. The only thing you need to do is locate an excellent trainer who will take your hand and guide you along on every step of the way until you have made it to the summit… where you can open the chest and collect the treasure that lies within it.

To begin climbing the mountain, learn how to teach guitar from an experienced guitar teacher trainer.


About The Author:
Tom Hess is a successful professional guitar teacher, composer and guitarist. He also trains guitar teachers how to improve their guitar teaching methods. Visit his website, to read more articles about guitar teaching, get free guitar teacher skill assessments and guitar teaching tips.

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