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You know what bugs me? When I play my acoustic guitar and people see it , they naturally think “FOLK MUSIC” and ask for something cheesy like Kumbya or similar stupid music. GRR!!! It’s all about neo-classical full out speed metal , balls to the wall shred. Who says that we have to sit and strum open cowboy chords and have a sing-along? Not me, that’s for sure!!! Most certainly not the classical and flamenco guitarists that have been shredding for hundreds of years

So why does acoustic guitar get lumped in with folk and country sing alongs? Why are they expected to strum open G, C , D with the occasional venture into oh wow, A minor.

Yee haw – now let’s all sing along- “Waltz across Texas, do dum do dum”

I can feel my mentality shrinking away as I type.

So since your reading my lessons I am assuming that your into SHRED, wailing solos, and getting laid.

Ok soon with talking about shred —– ON ACOUSTIC!!!!!

Yes, you can shred on acoustic, although there are a few limitations, as most acoustics don’t have 24 frets, a giant cutaway and effects. It’s just you, the wood and the strings with your imagination.

Now if your used to electric with skinny strings and effects , it is going to take a bit of practice on your “no electricity required” guitar. The feel is a bit different, but nothing that a couple hours of practice won’t take care of. You know what you’ll find – most of your electric guitar techniques will adapt right on over. You may have to rethink your solos and such a bit, but it can be done.

You will be surprised to find that you can sweep, tap , tremolo pick, and all the fun stuff your used to on your new guitar. Plus a big benefit is that after you get used to it then go back to electric, you’ll find that you may open up a new door for improvement.

So next time you’re at a campfire and they expect you to sing Tom Dooley, or jingle bells. Whip out some neoclassical shred and heavy metal on their ass!!!

If you can sound badass on acoustic, just think how heavy it will sound on your main guitar rig. Play the thing like a dog that you don’t like and let the aggression flow!!!

© Brad Corpus 2005

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