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Multi Finger Tapping

….All right shredders today were going to focus on the right hand ( left hand
for lefty’s). I’m going to give you a cool sounding tapping lick that involves your
1st, 2nd and 4th fingers on your fretting hand and your middle and ring finger
on the picking hand.

** = ring finger         * = middle finger


Remember when you do this kind of tapping you’re not completely mimicking
Eddie Van Halen, you are going outside the stand to get a cool sounding lick to
make people say “wow what’s he’s doing??”. The lick above you can execute
by using all four fingers on the fretting hand, but that’s harder and this looks cooler. =).

When you do this remember to still have the pick held between the thumb and the

I will adding sound clips shortly.

talk to you later,


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