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Dynamic – “Rules Do Not Apply!” – Album Review

Rules Do Not Apply!Tracklist

1. Uncle Bob
2. The Beauty of Simplicity
3. The Ocean Floor Slumber
4. Well This Ain’t Kansas

Today I will be reviewing the 4 track EP of very talented band ”Dynamic”, well I can tell you there’s some really technical playing here and lots of different styles fused in be it country, blues, rock, metal, funk etc this is a really fun fusion EP. Its a group of 3 talented musicians making great music.

‘Uncle Bob’ is probably the track with the most heavier edge on this EP, which its heavy distorted power chords, but also has a heavy country feel to it judging by the great intro. The beauty of simplicity is a big blues and funk mixed number with rip roaring guitar solos and typical blues licks and of course, great shred. Some great funk/metal riffs also on this disc and the bass is also grooving well with the music playing lots of funk grooves. The Ocean Floor Slumber is a more calmer track with soothing melodies, great arrangement and great lead guitar work. And the last track ”Well this ain’t Kansas” is more of an upbeat track with more great funky bass and great clean melodies from the guitar, distortion is present soon on with more great shredding arpeggios and licks throughout.


Overall this disc is really good, its a great fusion album fusing different styles with a lot of funk and rock but also a lot of blues and other styles in between. The guitar and bass tones are very good and present and the drums sound excellent. The production quality is also very good, you can hear everything quite clearly which is great. A lot of technical playing from all instruments as well, but not sacrificing an ounce of melody.


Copyright ©  Richard Niczyperowicz 2006

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