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Building Your Own Effects Pedals

Guides and useful information to get it ‘tone perfect’
effects pedals

This page needs a bit of an overhaul, so please bear with us while we get it sorted. A few of the images were lost when one of our secondary hosts were lost last year, but on the bright side we still have the pedal units so we can always take more, better photographs!

How To…

Paint Your Effects Pedals Richard Baines

Build an MXR Phase 90 Richard Baines


  • Small Bear Electronics – if you’re looking for parts for your effects pedals, chances are you will find them here
  • Tonepad – FX projects and you can buy circuit boards for them
  • General Guitar Gadgets – complete FX projects here
  • Geofex – the ‘Guitar Effects Oriented Web Page’
  • – Loads of projects here
  • Build Your Own Clone – excellent site, you can purchase kits here with all the parts necessary to build a vintage pedal replica
  • Mod Your Effects Pedals – a site that offers mods to existing pedals by major manufacturers, for a boutique sound without the high price tag. Includes BOSS, DOD, Jim Dunlop, Digitech etc….
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