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5 Exercise Lesson

Francesco FareriHello to all, I’m Francesco Fareri, an Italian guitar player, and I would like to show you some guitar licks. I hope you enjoy them and for any kind of advice, comments or other please don’t hesitate and write me an email from my site

note: mp3’s will be up asap, click the other icons to display the tab or download the powertab

The first exercise is an alternate picking pattern with different accents, play it slow and be sure to include the correct accent to make it sound correct.

Francesco Fareri Exercise 1

The second exercise is again alternate picking using patterns with different tempo and signature, if you put the accent on the first note of each box it will be very helpful.

Francesco Fareri Exercise 2

The third one is a sweep picking progression, starting with B minor, then F# major, E minor, B major, and D major. Play it slow and be sure to make a sweep with your right hand and pick.

Francesco Fareri Exercise 3
The fourth exercise is a chromatic alternate picking one in groups of seven, always use
alternate picking during the changing of strings to have a more heavy impact on the sound.

Francesco Fareri Exercise 4

The fifth and final exercise is a tapping and legato style one, be sure to use T2 for the A string and T3 for the G string.

Francesco Fareri Exercise 5

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© Francesco Fareri 2006

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