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Cyril Lepizzera – “Servatis A Maleficum” – Album Review

Servatis a MaleficumTracklist:

1. The Abyss
2. Another World
3. Servatis A Maleficum
4. Never…
5. Fields of Memories
6. The Revival
7. The Sands of Time
8. The Everlasting Ways
9. Black Wings
10. Back To Life

Wow well this album is pretty amazing to get things off on a big start haha. Let me tell you folks why…

Great melodic rock instrumental compositions on this disc, the stuff on here is really catchy and emotional, great melodies and harmonies, it’s just brilliant. You hear the odd ‘’heavier’’ thrash-y riff as well, which adds a little more diversity as well and all in all sounds great! Cyril’s technique is great as always with great show of sweep picking and speed picking all done in a very creative context.

The songs are very well thought out and ear catching, it proves for some great and memorable tunes. The album doesn’t get boring, as there is no real filler on here, its just perfectly crafted music. A lot of the music sounds very 80’s styled as well, which gives the album a great nostalgic feel.

The most striking thing about this album (and his other work) is the way Cyril really treats the songs like “real songs” as opposed to making them like rock sounds without a singer or endless showing off; he creates an atmosphere in every song not just with the use of music but also the tonality of his instrument and the effects used in the recording process. Also a by-product of Cy’s attention to detail is the way the album sounds extremely professional and “polished”, mirroring the sleek look of the CD and album artwork.

Stylistically the album is quite a “gothic” sound, I’d also say neo-classical but in a more original way than many guitarists who sound a lot like Yngwie Malmsteen; Cy definitely has a unique sound.

All in all this is definitely a recommended purchase because it is just great instrumental guitar work, check it out and hear the awesomeness…

to visit Cy’s official website, go to

© Richard Niczyperowicz 2006

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