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Cyril Lepizzera – “Eternity” – Album Review


1. Edelweiss
2. Edge of the Dark
3. Beyond The Stars
4. The Meaning of Life
5. Land Of Souls
6. The Dawn of Earth
7. Angel Whisper

Here is a track-by-track review of Cy’s brand new album, Eternity.

* Edelweiss

This track starts off with soothing melodies with melodic clean lead on top, topped with some fast runs here and there to build up the tension in the piece. Then after 2 harmonics a hint of distortion kicks in, as heavy power chords back the melodic lead, as the electric lead kicks in with more soothing melodies. The crunchy distorted backing enhances the lead work even more, even adding a few arpeggio sweep pick shapes here and there toppled with yet more fast runs. An arpeggio section follows on in the middle of the song then once it has reached its climax ends with a little bass lick with guitar feedback and back into clean acoustic.

It is soon after joined with distorted lead melodies and shred runs, toppled with some cool sounding delay to give the lead a ”mysterious” esque feel. Back into the crunchy rhythm we go and repeated melodies from previously heard in the song, a very melodic melody at that, also very eerie sounding, toppled by the scary sounding arpeggios. A solid opening track.

* Edge of the Dark

Starts off with a neo-classical esque lead leading into a distorted riff. Topped with more melodies and shred lead runs. Broken down by a classical sounding riff, ripping into yet more lead with immaculate melodies, enough to give spine chills. As we approach the middle of the song plenty of fast shred runs and  fast arpeggios create tension to the ear, leading back into yet more melodies produced by the lead but not for long. We are soon back to even more arpeggios but this time accompanied by slower melodies afterwards.

* Beyond The Stars

Starts of with a great catchy riff and rhythm backing, with arpeggios in the mix. Then a very good riff kicks in with shred fill runs. Pausing for a moment, the guitars give of eerie sounds as the drums build up tension, then back into the great first melody we heard. An arpeggio section follows, then a little guitar fill with a little riffing and back to lead melody. More shred runs follow mixed in with some little neo-classical esque licks. More melodic lead follows and, as we approach the end of the song its followed by a palm muted arpeggio section fading out with a solo.

* The Meaning of Life

Acoustic intro, followed by an accompanied harmony joining in. Some lead acoustic commences playing with the backing arpeggios. Another acoustic riff kicks in harmonised also, very classical sounding. A haunting sounding heavy riff kicks in eventually after that, with shred runs on top and fast sweep picking along with slow melodies in between following the backing.

Eerie sounding lead follows and a sweep picking arpeggio section with immaculate little melodies in between, they blend in well with each other. Back into clean acoustic we go with lead on top. Heavy rhythm kicks in but with the acoustic lead still intact, makes a great sounding clashing, dramatic sounding effect on the ear. Into more distorted lead followed by more sweep picking arpeggios fading the song out.

* Land of Souls

Another acoustic intro, leading into a distorted riff with 2 guitars playing harmonised parts follows into harmonised lead melodies and into a melodic solo. Harmonised shred runs follow with some slower melodies in between. Some heavy riffing breaks the song down into a big shred section, with a little harmonised arpeggio section breaking back down into acoustic, with distorted lead. Some more harmonised melodies follow, definitely the most harmonising heard up to this point on the record.
* The Dawn of Earth

Starts off with a typical neo-classical sounding riff, into a harmonised neo-classical melody section with fast runs in there to build the ears tension. A distorted riff follows with melodic lead on top, some duel harmonies follow. Broken back down into a riff, lead shred soon accompanies it with fast runs and tiny hints of classical licks.

A slow melodic section follows on with the riff, then some arpeggios added in. The song then goes back into clean acoustic, followed by eerie sounding lead licks on top, another guitar comes in with crashing power chords to give more of a dramatic effect and feel to the song which fades out.

*Angel Whisper

Another acoustic intro, starts off quite cheerful but also sad at the same time. Some really inspirational sounding lead work follows over the top, great to listen to. Goes into a distorted riff followed by lead melodies. Sweep picking arpeggios add to the tension of the song. Another riff kicks in, this time faster and accompanied by more shred runs and arpeggios. Broken back down into a nice clean acoustic melody with great lead work on top, truly a joy to listen to and beautifully ending with a couple of harmonics.

Conclusion: Overall I enjoyed this album, I really liked some of the melodies and the technique was very good and fun to listen to, recommended for anyone into melodic/shred type stuff, a good album.

© Richard Niczyperowicz 2005

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