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The Importance of Melody

Zack here again, I was surfing the web, and I found something horrific….
some shredder (not naming names) said that melody is not important at all,
I was like W.T.F.?. Personally people like that
( shredders don’t hate me for this just listen, growing up n a house of music I
may only be 15 but..) who all they can do is shred and play a million miles an
hour ( which I love to do and is very fun ) take music like an athletic event
which it is NOT! Music first and foremost is about melody, and Joe Satriani a man
with about a much technique as anyone said melody is most important and to stick
some chops in here n there is alright but not to get too excessive. And boy can
that dude make a melody sound good, and not to forget its bad as hell when he
lets loose. But back to the point I just want to say having chops is great and
use them but you have to have melody to be a musician, and your making music for
the people.

Zack Groff

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