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Eric Mantel – “The Unstruck Melody” – Album Review

Unstruck MelodyTracklist

01. The Unstruck Melody / Intro Guitar & Sitar
02. Tribute / Rock Instrumental
03. The Simple Things / Vocal Jazzy Pop
04. The Real You / Rock Instrumental
05. Tai-Chi / Jazz Fusion Instrumental
06. Shine On / Vocal Pop
07. The Under a DIfferent Light / Jazz Rock Inst.
08. Merry-Go-Round / Vocal Pop
09. Why So Lonely / Vocal Ballad
10. Exit 10 / Rock Fusion Instrumental
11. Intermission / Sitar & Tablas
12. Gloria / Vocal Pop
13. Affectionately Yours / Classical Guitar Piece
14. There Are No Words / Jazz Rock Inst.
15. Wings of Fire / Blues Rock Inst.
16. Only Want Your Love / Vocal Pop
17. True Home / Vocal Pop
18. Finger Pickn’ Country / Country Instrumental
19. The USM (Reprise) Sitar & Tablas
20. Don’t Let The Day Go By / Vocal Rock Ballad

Hey, today I will be reviewing this great CD by guitarist/singer/songwriter talent Eric Mantel and the album
entitled ”The Unstruck Melody”.

Eric MantelThis is a decent catchy rock instrumental CD even with some great singing in some of the tracks as well, not actually that much flashy speed here but that doesn’t matter – as a matter of fact it is proven that Mantel is an able shredder in little snippets were he just lets rip – awesome, but the main emphasis is more slower lead work over great chord changes, ideas and arrangements.

The production on this disk is really good, everything involved in the music is very clear. Overall this CD has 21 tracks and on average each song is about 3 and a half minutes long so it is a fun, long listen – a musical journey in a sense – as the sleeve states, ”let the musical journey begin…”.

The songs also seem to have a heavy country influence in there with definite country esque solo work, also note one of the songs ”finger pickin’ country” is an impressive feat both technically and also a good, fun tune to listen to, very well done. A lot of catchy melodies throughout this album with well arranged songs.

There is also some vocal work present in a few tracks, its good to have that variation in the music on some tracks, and the singing is really good. The vocal melodies are very catchy and really cool sing along choruses. The singing compliments the music greatly (on the tracks where it is present).

I think that there is a good blend of straight rock and ballad tunes on this disk – well spaced out. Eric’s playing is very good, nice and articulate – without being too flashy and it is very emotive.

And overall, I enjoyed listening to this album. Its a neat package and a worthy listen for people who would show a particular interest in the points I have made above about this CD. Good stuff.

Copyright ©  Richard Niczyperowicz 2006

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