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How To Make Your Soloing Stand Out

Many guitar players have the problem of their guitar solos fading into the background of the song they are soloing to. There is nothing better in my opinion then a clear, articulated melodic solo that leaps out of the song.

How to use your Technique

When writing a guitar solo, it is absolutely essential to be creative and original in your approach, you can do this by choosing an exotic scale, adding signature techniques, using different phrasing and creating hybrid scales. Modulation is also a good idea in guitar solos; it will keep the solo moving.  Soloing is nothing unless it is expressive and evolving. Modulation is a technique that will allow you to keep your solos interesting.

When you write the solo, you should consider each note, use your guitar chops as  a TOOL to create the solo. Add vibrato, subtle dynamics. Know your theory, modal solos sound far more interesting then those derived from other scales.


You can choose to use a certain technique more often, a way of playing licks, a favourite scale or mode to use. For example, my favourite mode is the Phrygian Dominant; it is a unique mode that can have many different possibilities.


A unique, clear and powerful guitar tone will greatly help your solos stand out. Experiment with different tones until you find the one that you like best.

The Phrygian Dominant Scale:

soloing stand out 1

This is the A Phrygian Dominant scale (EFG#ABCD) (Mode 5 of the Harmonic Minor scale)

I advise the use of this scale in different contexts, it will add spice to your playing, don’t just do scalar runs, be creative with it!!! You can even do a sweep with it if you like!!!

soloing stand out 2

Create your own modal sweeps too if you like! They sound great if you play them other the right progression!

Have Fun!!!

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