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Kyle Honea – “Distant Island Universe” – Album Review

Distant Island Universe


1. Intergalactic Idea
2. Silver and Gold Tiger
3. The Cyclops Star
4. Rising Hawk
5. Soul Cakes
6. Charvelous

This is a very interesting and different album review for shredaholic because in fact, the emphasis is focused on the awesome bass work of virtuoso Kyle Honea. Featuring blistering guitar work from the great guitarist Francesco Fareri, it proves to be a very enjoyable and intense listen.

Kyle HoneaIts hard to describe the style of this album, it has almost a ‘’intergalactic’’ space sound to it especially the opening track, conveniently titled ‘’intergalactic Idea’’, the keyboards add greatly to this, adding a real cosmic feeling to the pieces and even a lot of the time sounding like a retro computer game.

The songs are very well put together and the playing is very intense and accurate. Kyle Honea really is a speed demon on the bass, playing some really intense bass licks. Francesco Fareri also adds some great guitar work to this album, some really cool riffs and immense speed soloing really fits together and compliments Honea’s playing.

Kyle Honea’s technique is excellent, some very interesting arpeggio passages on here, some played with mind-blowing speed and control; it’s a real good listen. Its not all full on speed though, there are some great slow riffs/melodies on here, which are really pleasurable to listen to.

Overall this is a very intense album, full of great shred from guitar and the bass and plenty of great slow melodic passages too, it’s also quite unique how the main emphases is on the bass guitar, which is great. Definitely recommended.

©  Richard Niczyperowicz 2006

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