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Jeff Urso – “Straight Ahead” – Album Review

Straight AheadTracklist

1 – Straight Ahead
2 – Feel Good
3 – Rhythmic Wave
4 – Low Down
5 – Down and Dirty
6 – Warm Day
7 – Cyber Me
8 – Perfect
9 – Thinking of You
10 – I Alive

I had the chance to review this great album, and I have to say I truly enjoyed it, let me tell you why. Jeff’s style is catchy melodies with really good sense of arrangement and playing style, very fluid. Not forgetting some shred which we all love – and played well it is, but its not constant speed on this one, actually, most of it is slow melodies, which is great also!!!

As stressed before, this is your typical kind of easy listening, cheerful sounding guitar music, has a positive edge to it with great groove. Some decent alternate picking speed licks and fast legato work present which blend in really well with the music – creating tension and giving the songs a bit more of a ”Dramatic” edge, all played very smooth and fluidly. Some neat acoustic and piano is also present giving the album more variation which is a strong point, very catchy tunes on this album.

Jeff UrsoI’d say this is a fun sounding “rock guitar” instrumental album, Jeff has a good ear for melody and arrangement. Its typical upbeat, energetic music which is full of life and is great to listen too. As well as being full of catchy melodies, this disc has some pretty heavy rocking riffs that groove really well! The guitar tone is nice and pretty warm sounding, also flanging/phase shifting type effects are heard quite a lot on this disc adding a bit more dynamic to the music, which is great. My personal favourite tracks would have to be ”Feel Good”, ”Cyber Me” and ”Thinking of you” but any of the tunes on this album are potential standout tracks for the listener.

Overall I thought this album was decent, enjoyed it very much so, if you like catchy hard rock guitar instrumental then this will probably be right up your street – check it out.


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