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Stringing A Guitar

restringing a guitarOk if you’re on a shred site, you probably already know the correct way how to string a guitar. However, as you will have realised by know it’s a real pain in the ass to string a guitar, so here are some handy tips for making that job just a little bit easier!

* When you’ve got the string end through the nut and through the tuner post, get out that capo you hardly ever use and attach it to the neck at the first fret, making sure the new string is in between the fretboard and capo. This means when you’re stringing up the guitar you don’t have to hold it down or get someone to hold it down to stop it flying everywhere.

* Make sure you get a few turns of the string on the post, but don’t put too many on, as that’s unnecessary tension on there you don’t need.

* If you’re using a Floyd Rose or similar locking trem, don’t over tighten the locking nut, as it can weaken the string at that point and cause unnecessary breakages.

* Once you’ve got the string on, pull it up at the 12th fret (not too much though or it’ll break!) and stretch the string, then release it. You should notice the new string has gone flat, so tune it back up again. This process makes the strings settle in properly, repeat it until the string no longer goes out of tune when you stretch it.

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