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Bob Zabek

New Video! – 11/4/2006

Bob has just released a new video on his site, you can access it here by clicking the link:

“The ChEYEld In Me”

Check out this guitarist from WELS (Upper Austria), now living in Vienna. He recently sent us an email showing us some of the videos he has recorded, and Shredaholic was impressed! So impressed in fact we decided to create the section for shred/virtuoso guitarists that are worth checking out.

The first video is Blues Shred Jam

This video shows Bob playing some great traditional blues licks, and incorporating the awesome power of shred into his blues playing. (windows media video, 15.75MB)

The second video is The Dead Man Etude

This video shows Bob experimenting with some unique echo effects, playing the guitar upside down on his lap with his palms, tapping upside down, and some really cool multi finger tapping! Plus there are some really nice echo effects and phrases he uses,  definitely worth checking out. (windows media video, 4.94MB)
Visit Bob’s site at

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