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Steve Gladman – “Liquideyes” – Album Review


1. Monster Mosh
2. The Open Road
3. Stratosfear
4. Truth
5. Unearthed
6. The Great Unknown
7. Steve’s Blues
8. Liquideyes
9. Cold October
10. ASBO
11. Eclipse

Today I will be reviewing the album ”Liquid Eyes” by Steve Gladman. This is a great melodic hard rock instrumental CD, let me tell you why!

This album is straight to the point melodic hard rock done in a instrumental context, but the great melodies speak for themselves. A departure from a lot of albums that focus on flashy guitar work but without the substance, Steve concentrates on slower but extremely catchy melodies from hard to soft – they are really a joy to listen to. This complete with great heavy hard rock riffs and some great clean guitar arpeggio work in the songs contrast really nicely.

Steve GladmanThere is a bucketload of great memorable melody in this album, it is definitely one of those feel good melodic rock albums done very nicely and articulately by Steve. There is some hints of 80’s melodic rock in the songs too which is great, a lot of this album I assume is inspired by that period of music and it sounds great. It also has some bluesy playing in it too most notably the fantastic track ”Steve’s Blues”, showing Steve is also a great blues player!

I enjoyed all the tracks on this album, they were fun and catchy to listen to and will have you air guitaring in no time. A feel good melodic hard rock instrumental, I’m sure a lot of people would love this CD, I know I did.

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