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Marty Friedman – Biography

Marty FriedmanA very unique and original sounding guitarist, Marty Friedman is definitely a player to check out. His biggest success comes with awesome thrash metal act Megadeth of which he has sold over 10 million albums worldwide with. Marty has toured the world, done countless guitar clinics and has even designed his own signature guitar with Jackson (the KE-1) which is a beauty if I may say so myself.

Before joining Megadeth in 1990 Marty was in a band called cacophony with fellow shredder-in-crime Jason Becker (of who’s bio is also up on this site), which have released 2 albums ”Speed metal symphony” 1987, and ”Go Off” 1989, and toured the US and Japan. They were known for there breakneck speed playing and there variety of styles and melodies, which made them a great duo. Even before that, Marty was in a band called ”Hawaii” as well as releasing a few solo albums to date. Marty Is currently recording and touring with the Japanese act Aikawa Nanase.

Marty Friedman – we salute you.

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