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Marty Friedman jams with G3 in Japan

“The sold-out Tokyo International Forum got a treat when Marty joined Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and John Petrucci for an all-star jam at the end of the G3 show. They did ‘Going Down’, and as one would imagine, there was plenty of room for all four guys to let loose. The video of this performance will be available on the upcoming G3 live CD/DVD.

“Although still in its prototype form, this was the live debut of the Ibanez Marty Friedman signature model, due to be released to the public in October.

“In the next issue of Continue pop culture magazine, an eight-page feature on Marty and the rest of the ‘Hebimetasan’ cast will shed some light on the chemistry of the show, and the state of heavy metal/hard rock in Japan.

“The TV show ‘Hebimetasan’, which features Marty each week as a regular is a smash hit! The premise of the high-energy show is to introduce, explain and have fun with (as well as make fun of) heavy metal/hard rock music to the mainstream, for people who would otherwise have no contact with the genre, such as the show’s host, idol/model Yoko Kumada (think discussing the merits of the likes of VELVET REVOLVER, SOILWORK and ANDREW W.K. with Cindy Crawford or Anna Kournikova). Each week in Marty’s ‘Metal Spirit in Japan’, Marty exposes the unlikely links between Japanese folk music and heavy metal hits. The overwhelming response to the show has put Marty and Japan’s top television production company into talks of an exclusive contract. More news here as it develops.”

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