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Lou DiBello – “The Axeman Cometh” – Album Review

The Axeman ComethTracklist

1. To The Maxx
2. When All Is Lost
3. 2Close 4Comfort
4. Caribbean Cruise
5. The Meeting
6. Warriors Ride
7. Journey Home
8. Tribute 2005

Well what can I say? This album rocks all the way through with great rock/metal riffs with great shred solos and melodies. Don’t forget topped with a nice original touch with some great guitar harmonies fitting in with the music perfectly. It’s a short to medium length album with 8 tracks clocking in at around the 30 minute mark, keeping things short but sweet.

This is a well done ”Rock/shred” album, none of this ‘weird experimental stuff’, just straight to the point rock! The playing is very advanced and the faster parts fit in the songs really well, particularly the sweep picked arpeggios. Cool guitar tone as well, he’s using a Fender Strat which is always a good weapon of choice, especially in this field of playing.

A little ode to Yngwie / classical is present in the song ”Warriors ride” which is a great tune, one of my favourites off of this album, in fact the latter tracks off of the album all have ”neo-classical” sounding elements to them. This album is also very upbeat (of course it is, its pure rock!) which is a great factor, very energetic stuff. So I’d have to say my favourite tunes off of this album are the previously mentioned ”Warriors ride”, the fantastic ”Journey home” which also has a slight neo-classical feel to it (as stated above).

”To the Maxx” is a great rocker with Satch-esque melodic feel to it, cool wah effect used also, ”When all is lost” is a phenomenal ballad track, a great main melody to it and overall a fantastic song, ”Caribbean Cruise” is a great exotic sounding track, with a reggae style rhythm throughout and great rocky lead work, but really, all the tunes on this disk are great.

Overall this album rocks all the way through, with a great rock feel with added mixture of different styles and an original touch thrown into the mix, all in all it makes this a solid album. Great technique also, expressive work.

Definitely recommended.

Copyright ©  Richard Niczyperowicz 2006

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