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Mike Campese Releases New DVD

Mike Campese Melodic ShredMike Campese, an extremely versatile musician and in demand instructor is back with his 3rd CFH instructional video “Melodic Shred”. You may have already heard of Mike, we reviewed his excellent album “The New” in late 2006. This new video is 63 minutes long and Mike teaches you close to 60 examples.  In this video Mike shows you many examples to help develop your picking to be clean and precise and increase your speed, while adding fresh new sounds to your playing.  You will learn 3 octave arpeggio’s and extended scales to help use the full range of the fretboard and you will learn single string and 2 string ideas to help master the fretboard.  Mike will show you how to incorporate the Diminished scale into your playing, mixing scales together.  If you seen Mike’s other video’s he continues to teach his unique intervallic style of playing, more of Paganini’s Caprice #16 and superimposing arpeggio’s.  Plus, watch Mike perform one of his crazy shred compositions.

Stay tuned to our new additions page, tomorrow we’re featuring a brand new free guitar lesson from Mike on sweep picking!

to visit Mike’s official website, go to

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