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Jenna Jameson Jackson Guitars News (June 2006)

Thought I’d keep you guys updated on the developments this month for the main site. As you’ve probably seen, we’ve put up lead guitar lessons by new contributors Alex Oliva, Clay Foster and Tom Kopyto, and another brand new article by Tom Hess.

I’ve just received an email from Francesco Fareri, he’s offered to write some brand new exclusive lessons for us which should be awesome. I’ll post links on the main site’s news area once they’re up.

In addition to the latest album reviews we’ve put up this month, there’s also more on the way:

“Panic Attack” by Jim Horne
“Servatis A Maleficum” by Cyril Lepizzera
“Distant Island Universe” by Kyle Honea

and we’re hoping to receive new albums by Clay Foster and Mike Campese soon too. Richard Niczyperowicz is working hard on the ones currently in the queue, expect them to appear on the site very soon.

We’re now fully listed again in google, before we upgraded our hosting last month we had a temporary bandwidth issue (ie. lack of it) and went down for a while. That should never happen again, but it knocked us off the google rankings for a bit. Hopefully now that google’s crawled our site again, it’ll mean more hits for the site, therefore more contributors for things like lessons, articles etc.

I’ve added a few more user submitted lessons, thanks for those guys (Joni, Moises and Nelson), keep ’em coming. There seems to be a lack of rhythm guitar lessons, which is to be expected on a shred guitar website, but if anyone’s thinking about a topic to write about, we could really do with some more shred-based or metal-based rhythm guitar lessons to add.

We’re hoping to get some more interviews done soon too with Tom Kopyto and Cyril Lepizzera, and any other guitarists that contact me between now and then re: an interview.

On myspace we’ve added some new tracks (eg. “Fly To The Land of Z” by Greg Bachman) which are getting some great responses, even if a few are from misguided people who haven’t actually read our myspace at all and think we’re a band!. I’ve been meaning to PM or email a few more people about featuring their tracks on our myspace, so if I haven’t got back to you or contacted you yet we’re still eager to host your tracks and I’ll get that sorted as soon as I can.

Some of you might have noticed there’s now a feature to submit a video of yourself shredding on our shred videos page, you can either send me the link to it on youtube/google video/photobucket etc and I’ll add that to the page, or contact me about us hosting the video.

We’ve added a new article on the industry page about music degrees and rock guitarists, it’s well worth having a read. Other than that, I think that’s everything – having said that, I’ve probably forgotten something. If that’s the case, it’ll be on the next update.

– Richard Baines


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