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Jenna Jameson Jackson Guitars News (January 2009)

We’re Back!

Free Shredding After failing to resolve the issues we had with our previous hosts, we’ve now switched our hosting to a new provider. This means we’re back online! To make a long story short, avoid hosting. Thanks to GuitarHQ for our temp page.

Anyway, Streamline completely deleted our site, and the most current backup we had is from December 2006, so unfortunately there are some album reviews and lessons not featured on the site. These will be added again as soon as possible, and we’re hoping to add a whole host of brand new content that has been queued up for quite a while now.

Our album review for ‘A Voice In The Wilderness’ is back up, and we have 3 more reviews waiting to be formatted and published very soon. Be sure to check out our new classic albums section; we’ve got a couple of reviews up already to set the ball rolling, and if anyone wants to contribute by reviewing older albums featuring virtuoso guitar, feel free to send us a review via the online contact form. Albums must be at least 10 years old at the time the review is submitted.

There’s a lot of work to be done on the site fixing formatting bugs that seem to mostly show up in Firefox, which we’re working on doing alongside bringing brand new lessons and other content.

We have reason to believe that the contact form might not be working at the moment, so if you’re not getting a response from us in a reasonable amount of time, send a private message on the forum.

– Richard Baines

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