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Yngwie Malmsteen – Biography

Yngwie Malmsteenok, so he wasn’t the first person to play classical music on the guitar…

…but he sure did take it to the extreme…

Lars Johann Yngwie Lannerback was born in Stockholm, Sweden, on the last day of June, 1963. He was a very obsessed guitar player when he was young and practised constantly; his early idols were Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore, and Eddie Van Halen mainly. After listening to a lot of rock music he gradually got tired of the pentatonic ”box shape” sound and wanted to take it further. It was then when he started listening to classical music and was fascinated by its intense melodies and song structures and eventually decided he wanted to combine the music intensity and feel of classical music and the power of rock to create his own sound.

Once he was old enough, he went to the USA to record his first album entitled ”Rising Force’’; this is one of the best if not the best ”neo-classical” albums you will hear and one that revolutionised the genre. Yngwie blew all the guitar players away at the time with his blistering speed and technique, and arguably today remains the king of neo-classical metal.

Yngwie MalmsteenIn 1987 Yngwie suffered a near-fatal car crash, resulting in a blood clot to his brain, putting him in a coma. After lying unconscious for nearly a week he pulled through only to discover his picking hand was dead, he eventually pulled thorough thankfully in the end.

Yngwie has worked with many artists on his records notably Joe Lynn Turner, Jeff Scott Soto and the Johanssen brothers, and has gone on to tour the world and release a lot more music. Also Yngwie has never changed his style to fit trends; he just writes music for himself, which is good advice for new aspiring young guitarists.

Yngwie J. Malmsteen – We Salute You.

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  1. …i was a former member of the classical guitar ensemble here in the Philippines… until i got tired of its ordeal…i tried to innovate some of our rock metal pieces inserting some few classical runs.. bach’s contrapuntals was my obssession.. until i heard some of your videos which i bought … wow ! took a hard time studying n experimenting your technique.. .since i could not find anyone here who could play it just nearly right …how i wish i could have a copy on basic techniques on how and of course the exercises which you recommends.. i salute you u are my inspiration..//!