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Yngwie Malmsteen enjoys renewed media interest

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According to a post at Yngwie Malmsteen 100%, legendary Swedish hard rock guitarist YNGWIE MALMSTEEN has been getting a lot of well-deserved attention recently with the release of his new album, “Unleash the Fury”, via positive reviews and a renewed interest on the Internet as well as in print media. The June 2005 edition of Guitar World magazine features the return of Yngwie’s monthly column “Wild Stringdom”. Yngwie talks about his early years developing his guitar playing style, and gives a blues-to-baroque guitar lesson. The magazine also comes with a CD featuring audio and video versions of Yngwie’s lesson. Yngwie appears intwo advertisements in the magazine: On page 87 he is in a full-page Dean Markley ad introducing the new Yngwie J. Malmsteen signature series strings, and on page 105 he is in a full-page DiMarzio ad for the HS-3 and YJM humbucking Strat pickups. Yngwie uses the HS-3 as his bridge pickup and the YJM in the middle and neck positions.

In other news, the High Tech Guitar site has a featured project on how to build a Yngwie Malmsteen Duck (Play Loud) Replica Strat. They are building this guitar in honor of the master shredder and his style. They will be auctioning it off on eBay when they are done. Their purpose is not to make a fake guitar and pass it off, but instead to educate visitors in the process of building a tribute guitar. There are cool step-by-step photos of the transformation from a plain Fender Strat into a clone version of Yngwie’s famous “Play Loud” guitar that was featured as the cover of his first RISING FORCE album.

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