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The Legends

Michael Angelo
Jason Becker
Jimi Bell

Nuno Bettencourt
Rusty Cooley
Francesco Fareri
Marty Friedman
Frank Gambale
Paul Gilbert
Cyril Lepizzera
George Lynch

Yngwie Malmsteen
Vinnie Moore
Mario Parga
John Petrucci
Randy Rhoads

Joe Satriani
Joe Stump
Ron Thal

Steve Vai
Eddie Van Halen


Album Reviews

Servatis A Maleficum
Extreme Guitar II
Guitarsongs Volume 1
Appetite For Destruction
Healed Through Time
The Big Picture
Alien Water Dance

Shades of the Day
Flying Colours
The Axeman Cometh
Zero Tolerance
Straight Ahead

Rules Do Not Apply!
What Lies Beyond Words
The Unstruck Melody
Sonic Stomp

Distant Island Universe
The New
A Voice In The Wilderness
Guitarists 4 The Kids

Where Is The Sky?




Lead Guitar

Chromatic Exercises
How To Make It Metal!

Two Hand Tapping
Niczy's Easy Runs
Major To Minor
Warming Up Stretches
The Importance of Bends
How To Play Faster - Without Having To Practice!
Beginner's Guide To Shredding (Part 1)
Fingering's Up
Left Hand Straining

Picking & Sweeping Exercise
Speed Sweeping
Extreme Picking
'Sea Of Lies' Excerpt

Speedy's Fingering
Video: 'Rising Force' (solo) by Yngwie Malmsteen

The Most Important Skill That Most players Don't Have
Originality (When And How)
Can YOU Really Become a Great Guitar Player?
Why Aren't You A Better Guitarist?

Do You Really Need A Teacher?
Choosing a Teacher

Picking Hand Discipline
Vibrato Control
Musical Frustration

Most of you are totally out of balance?
Plans Are NOT Goals

Top Secrets of Common Sense ~ Part 1
For Love Or Money
Creativity And Expression - Part 1
Creativity And Expression - Part 2
Express Yourself!

Fire and Inspiration
The 80/20 Law
Take The Test

How To Develop Your Own Style

Discover Your Discomfort
The Secret of Speed (incredible lightness)
Your Growth as a Guitarist
How To Practice Guitar Chord Changes
Changing Bad Habits
Easy Bar Chords
How To Nail A Solo
The Importance of Having a Repertoire

Electric Warfare
Tonalities and Gaining Multi-Purpose Use Out of Them
More On Tonal Conditions
Power of Soul
Tonal Conditions Part 3

Improvising, Finding the Way
Polytonal Pivoting
Arpeggio Tricks
Extreme Tapping Licks
Speed Picking
Speed Picking 2
Pentatonic Licks - String Skipping and Tapping 1-3-5 Strings
Wow! Arpeggios

Phrygian Mode
Diminished Arpeggios
Extended Alternate Picking Exercise
5 Exercise Lesson
Alternate vs. Directional Picking
Maximizing Practice Efficiency
Natural Talent
Misconceptions in Practicing For Speed
Are You Unique?
The Art of Pre-Composition
The Art of Pre-Composition No.2
Speed vs. Speed
Shred Guitar Maturity
Legato String Skipping
Sweep Picking

Improving Your Guitar Phrasing - Part I

Basic Runs / Arpeggios
Multi-Finger Tapping
The Importance of Melody

Pairing Notes
Hammer-ons and Pull-offs

Blues Lead Guitar

Solos With Chords (for one guitarist bands)
Beginning A Solo
Yngwie Malmsteen Workshop
Pedal Tones
Alternate Picking Etude/Warmup

Legato Exercise
Sweep Picking Exercise
The Essence of Musicianship
Artificial (Pinch) Harmonics

Shred Guitar Fundamentals
Introduction to Shred Guitar and Tremolo Picking
Chromatics and Intervals

Neo Classical Style
The Power of The 5 Chord
Surf Music Instrumentals
The Simple Secret To Playing Fast
Acoustic Guitar Shred
Tapping Introduction
Quick Sweeping Tutorial

Eight Finger Tapping / Piano Tapping
Artificial / Pinch Harmonics
Writing a Shred Solo by Using Themes
Sweep Picking (In Depth)
Legato Passages From Hell!!!
How To Make Your Soloing Stand Out
Hybrid Techniques 1
Hybrid Techniques 2
Improve Your Capabilities 1
Learning - The Steps To Success
Improve Your Capabilities 2
Alternate Picking
Sweep and Tremelo Picking Licks
Warm-up Rundown
A Little Solo Trick (Starting Your First Solo)

The 5 Block System
Legato Phrases
Yngwie Malmsteen Arpeggio Lick
Japanese Scales
How To Take Advice
The Truth About Shredding
How To Take Your Fingers To The Next Level
Practicing UNIQUE Solos
A Different Approach to Modes

String Skipping and Finger Stretching

Rhythm Guitar

The Key Guide To Basic Metal Rhythm Guitar Techniques
Achieving a style
Basic picking techniques
Other vital techniques

Melodic Devices
String Skipping Rhythm Riffs
Claus Kiss - Chord Finder
Major Scales - Get Every Chord Instantly
Neo Classical Rhythm

Your Growth as a Guitarist
How To Practice Guitar Chord Changes
Melodic Minor Rhythm
Getting Started With Guitar

Palm Muting Riffs
Introductions and Fills
Blues Rhythm
Writing Ballads

Alternate Picking and Palm Muting Practice


The Industry


The Problem With Music
When Indies Go Bad

Music Degrees and Rock Guitarists, Part I



Ty Oliver
Mario Parga
Francesco Fareri


Tom Hess Newsletter November 2005
Mike Campese Releases New CD Rom
Dragonforce Announce UK Headlining Tour
Marty Friedman will appear at the Busan Rock Festival
Yngwie Malmsteen "Unleash The Fury" set for US release in July
Lead Guitarist/Composer Mike Campese releases New CD "The New"
Marty Friedman lands daily column in Tokyo Sport
Yngwie Malmsteen - Touring Lineup Announced
Marty Friedman jams with G3 in Japan
Marty Friedman is a hit on Japanese TV
Paul Gilbert to open for Europe in LA
Yngwie Malmsteen enjoys renewed media interest
Tom Hess tour dates announced

Concert Reviews

Megadeth - Manchester University, UK   

Tech Center

Painting Guitars
Stringing Guitars
Top Shred Pickups
Valve/Tube Amps Explained
Setting Up A Floyd Rose Tremelo

Building Your Own Effects Pedals

Paint Your Effects Pedals
Build an MXR Phase 90
Build an MXR Flanger

How To Make Leads Last
Scalloped Fretboards
Build Your Own EVH Guitar
Preventing Hearing Damage

Bareknuckle VH2 Pickups


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